Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter Campaign Hits $1.4 Million



Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter Funding Continues Rising

Only a few months ago, Friday Night Funkin was a relatively unknown game on the internet. Today, there are thousands of players singing off as the Boyfriend against the Dad’s minions to win the Girlfriend. So many mods have appeared to add new challenges over the last few weeks, and we wonder if it’ll ever end.

Not likely, though. The developers issued a Fundstarter campaign with an initial goal of $60,000. The idea is to release a retail version in the future instead of simply being a free browser demo with chapters that appear at random moments. 

Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter Campaign Hits $1.4 Million

Well, the campaign has reached phenomenal success! At the time of this article, it’s already reached $1.4 million with a steady rise over the course of the day. The final date for donations is set as 18 May 2021, and it’ll be interesting to see just how high the financial backing will go.

So what are the developers promising with the Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter campaign? For starters, they’re mentioning improved animations, gameplay mechanics, collaboration, and some bells and whistles. They’re specifically taking into account what the gaming community is asking for in the feedback.

Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter Campaign Hits $1.4 Million

There’s also talk of 20 new weeks being added featuring 60 new songs. You’ll also find a local two-player mode and in-game cutscenes. As far as we can tell, Friday Night Funkin will become the next raging success in gaming.

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