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How to Install Friday Night Funkin Girlfriend Mod in 3 Fast Steps



Since Friday Night Funkin is open-source, there are many fun and exciting mods that can enhance the game and bring new challenges to players that enjoy the music, beats, and gameplay of the original. A popular mod is the Girlfriend mod, a skin mod that allows you to change the gender of the main character to a female. This mod doesn’t, however, bring any added challenges to the base game.

Initially an in-browser game and still available online, there are downloadable versions available for Windows as well as on Mac. It is not yet available on mobile.

Steps to Install the Girlfriend Mod

Step 1: Download and Install Friday Night Funkin

You have to have the original version of Friday Night Funkin installed on your computer before you can install any additional mods.

How to Install Friday Night Funkin Girlfriend

Step 2: Download the Girlfriend Mod

Download the Girlfriend mod from a reputable source.

How to Install Friday Night Funkin Girlfriend

Step 3: Extract the Mod Files

Extract the files for the modification you have downloaded. You can extract it into your downloads folder first, as we will be moving it soon. Now, move the assets folder of your extracted mod to the root folder of Friday Night Funkin. The root folder is the one that contains the .exe file. You can do this by dragging and dropping or copy and pasting, whichever method you prefer.

Now, start the game and try the new mode!

How to Install Friday Night Funkin Girlfriend

A Simple Mode That Makes a Different

This is a simple mod that makes a big difference to your character as it enables you to change the gender. And as you can see, the steps to install the mod are equally easy.

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