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How to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy

Shaun M Jooste


Friday Night Funkin never seems to stop with modders and indie developers providing new content. The latest edition is FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy, which takes the main boss from Poppy Playtime, slaps on a new coat of paint, and makes you sing against the monster.

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy and show you a few tips.

How to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy

What is FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy?

This mod for Friday Night Funkin presents a combination of two games, namely, Vs Huggy Wuggy in the original colors with the alternatives themes as delivered in FNF the Minus Mod. You may recognize the opponent as the boss from Poppy Playtime, where your goal is to escape the possessed toy in Chapter 1. Now, you’ll need to sing your way out of danger within the time limit.

How to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy

How to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy

Let’s get to the details of how to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy. Fortunately, you don’t need the base Friday Night Funkin game to use the mod. 

Download the mod folder

To begin, you’ll need to download the official FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy folder. You’ll see it download as a zip file on your browser to your default location on your PC. When it’s done, you can move it to your preferred place for all your FNF mods. 

How to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy

Extract the files

Next, you’ll need to extract the files if you want to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy. Right-click on the zip file you downloaded and select “Extract”. It will ask you where you’d like the new files on your PC. Now all you have to do is wait until the extraction is complete.

Open the executable program

You’ll see an application named “PsychEngine”, which is how you’ll play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy. Just double-click on the application to get it started. You may want to send a shortcut to your desktop for easier access next time.

Choose the difficulty

When the menu options, you can choose Story Mode or Freeplay. In the former, you get to choose the difficulty at which you’ll play the game. It makes it more challenging, but we recommend you start with Easy.

How to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy

Sing away

In other Friday Night Funkin games, you see both characters in 2D fashion as a side-viewed platform screen. How you’ll play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy is with a first-person perspective with Huggy Wuggy facing you. It creates a similar experience to Poppy Playtime when the boss chases you.

There’s a race against the time here, with almost four minutes to spare. You’ll need to survive for that long as the song plays while maintaining your lead on the meter bar at the bottom. Should Huggy Wuggy’s icon reach your end with too many mistakes, you’ll lose. Keep the bar high until the end, and you escape.

So, how do you play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy? Well, arrows will appear on the screen, indicating which buttons you need to press for the corresponding notes. You’ll need to hit them at the right time; otherwise, it counts as a miss.

How to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy

Tips for playing FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy

With the basics out of the way, we can now focus on some tips on escaping Huggy Wuggy in this FNF mod. If you focus on these tricks, you’re sure to beat the monster.

Watch the tempo

It’s essential that you concentrate on the tempo of the music. Watch as the notes arise, but don’t only focus on a single arrow at a time. You’ll need to expand your vision to take in all the incoming traffic, getting your fingers ready to drum the keyboard at the right time.

Stay on the opponent’s of the bar

Another vital task is keeping the Boyfriend’s icon on the enemy’s side of the meter bar as much as possible. If you make a few mistakes, you’ll have some padding until you get back into the swing of things. 

Don’t let Huggy Wuggy distract you

It may be distracting watching Huggy Wuggy’s face while it sings and taunts you. If you let it sway you, you’re going to miss those significant notes that will lead to your downfall. Don’t look anywhere else than at your notes. You can admire its horrid beauty when someone else plays FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy.

Keep an eye on your rating

On the right-hand side, under the meter, you’ll see a rating. While Huggy Wuggy is singing, take a quick glimpse at what it says. You’ll ideally want this rating over 60% if you want to keep winning. Anything less is risky.

Play other FNF titles for practice

If learning how to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy is too challenging, you probably need to practice on some of the other mods in the series. Here are some guides you can look at to help you hone your tapping skills:

How to play FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy

Make it out alive!

We hope you have fun playing along to FNF Vs Minus Huggy Wuggy and escaping as best you can. We suspect there’ll be a new mod with a new boss as soon as Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2 releases in 2022, so we’ll keep an eye out for that feature. Until then, good luck!

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