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How to Play Friday Night Funkin’ – The VS Hex Mod in 3 Easy Steps



If you ever played Dance Dance Revolution, then you’ll be well versed in the intricacies of Friday Night Funkin’. One thing that serves to keep these kinds of games alive is mods, and Friday Night’s Funkin’ has a highly active modding community. This game has so many mods that add new levels and opponents, newly customized characters, and different skins for the characters. 

While most of the mods that add new opponents follow the same formula to create a proper antagonist who wants to destroy Boyfriend’s happiness, one mod that stands out from these is the VS Hex mod. This mod introduces Hex, a robotic opponent who offers a new week of battles, but Hex comes across as a friendly guy who just wants to drop some beats and make friends with the couple. This mod also adds new cutscenes and interactions, which helps to bring the characters to life. Overall, this mod is worth downloading because it adds so much new content to the game.

How to Play Friday Night Funkin’ – The VS Hex Mod

Step 1: Download the mod

The first thing to do is download the mod.

Step 2: Extract files

When the download is finished, you’ll need to extract the files; we advise that you use WinRAR for this.

Step 3: Launch game

Now open the extracted folder and double click the VSHex file to launch the game. You’ll find the new Hex week in the Story Mode section labeled as Week X.

Arigato, Mr Roboto!

While it’s incredibly satisfying to beat someone who clearly hates you into the dust, it’s refreshing to meet someone who simply wants to be friends and share their love for music with you. You should also check out the Tricky mod where you battle a killer clown or the Whitty mod which adds some really good quality of life changes and a new challenger.

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