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Free music-themed PC game

Friday Night Funkin’ is a free computer game that lets you match your keyboard strokes to the music notes that play in the game. FNF gives you a new opponent to face in each of the levels, which are organized into weeks. Friday Night Funkin’ is only available as a single-player game.

Dance Dance Revolution, Stepmania, and PaRappa the Rapper are like Friday Night Funkin’. All the titles are based on matching your movements with the rhythm of the music. DDR and Stepmania have significantly better music choices. PaRappa the Rapper and FNF feature songs that are based on comedy instead of professional quality.

What is Friday Night Funkin’ available on?

Friday Night Funkin’ is available on computer and laptop devices, like Windows PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and also smartphones. A group of developers from the Newgrounds community created Friday Night Funkin’: Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, Kawai Sprite, and evilsk8r. Since FNF is free and open-source, gamers have developed mods to suit their preferences. The large number of mods attracts a solid community to Friday Night Funkin’ since the game continues to evolve on a regular basis.

In case you know how to code, then you can modify the structure of the game yourself. The rhythm game has seven main levels that are categorized into weeks, which let you meet new non-playing characters. FNF requires your screen, keyboard, and speakers for you to play. Music plays while arrows approach the line that you need to match the keys with.

The prompts are simple: left, down, up, and right. A short tutorial is available to make sure that you are familiar with the steps to win. A sliding scale that lets you know your level of health appears at the bottom of the screen. The marker is in the middle of the meter when each new battle begins.

The more notes that you get correct, the more the slider will move to the left to reveal a green line. You can tell that your opponent is doing better than you when the marker moves to the right, which reveals a red line.

What made Friday Night Funkin’ so popular?

Friday Night Funkin’ has a subtle yet interesting storyline. While FNF does not feature a prominent story, you can still understand that the goal is to unite Boyfriend and Girlfriend together. The user interface is split into two sides, with the boyfriend, the character you play as, on the right, and the opponents on the left. 

Girlfriend sits directly in the middle of the musical battle on top of a speaker. While the music that comes out of the speaker is not appealing, the simple yet challenging gameplay keeps gamers engaged. However, some players have commented that they do enjoy the music of FNF.

The electronic songs get quicker and more difficult as the game progresses. While the variations in the types of music are subtle, the songs do have slightly different genres to each one like EDM and hip-hop. The lack of quality songs on the playlist coupled with overlapping and lagging prompts does make Friday Night Funkin’ less than ideal.

FNF is currently available for free. The developers accept donations to contribute to the development of the game. Friday Night Funkin’ is lightweight to install, which is another point that lends to the high number of gamers involved in the Friday Night Funkin’ community.

Is FNF a trending game?

The word ‘trend’ can imply that the popularity of a given subject is temporary. Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay encourages you to go back and play again for enjoyment and improvement purposes.

The style of the graphics is retro. Dynamic movements make the game more interesting, like Girlfriend’s hair that moves around when a train drives by. Each week the goal is to keep the slider green while you match the notes on the screen. The two contestants have microphones that they each sing into during the battles.

Each level has around two to three songs to complete. The developers consistently release new updates that add new characters, scenes, and more. The 10 total characters in FNF are the Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, Mommy Mearest, Monster, Senpai, Spirit, Pic, Tankman, and Skid and Pump. Skid and Pump are considered one character since they compete in the battle together.

The Senpai character introduces a new style to FNF, since the graphics become pixelated. While FNF does not have a considerable amount of lore, Senpai adds an extra layer to the story. Although Friday Night Funkin’ does not have cut scenes to explain the connections between the characters, the Senpai battle does include dialogue boxes to make the game more engaging.

Is Friday Night Funkin’ kid-friendly?

The computer game presents weapons and demeans women. The retro-style graphics make the unethical aspects of the game easier to ignore, however, the theme is still apparent in Friday Night Funkin’. The level of ethicality is another important factor for gamers to consider as to whether FNF is worth playing or not.

Addictive PC game

The official version of Friday Night Funkin’ features a total of 10 NPCs. While the scenery does change each week, Girlfriend remains in the middle of the two competitors that are on each side of the screen. A row of arrows is above each opponent to match the music up to keyboard strokes.

What’s new?

Friday Night Funkin’ received funding to continue game development. New variations of FNF are released often to introduce new NPCs, backgrounds, and lore. Since the FNF community is strong, the developers accept help from capable developers who can further improve FNF.


  • Open source
  • Simple gameplay
  • Strong community
  • Integrates music and movement


  • Use of weapons
  • Can lag and overlap
  • Derogatory towards women

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Friday Night Funkin' for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 5.0
  • 4.4

  • Security Status

User reviews about Friday Night Funkin'

  • JaidynDaay Melo

    by JaidynDaay Melo


  • fuzzymatty

    by fuzzymatty

    well i think this game is funny and cool 10/10

  • Loefus Rich

    by Loefus Rich

    The game would be cool to me tho, so I rate it 10/10 for this being a game with mods that are really hard, but possible to me

  • Loefus Rich

    by Loefus Rich

    I haven't tried the game yet, but I'm thinking about making a mod for it

  • john

    by john

    same. always crash. crash3

  • Vladislavia Human

    by Vladislavia Human

    The game crashes, every time im picking song Hard mode, Even If I completed Pico (week 3) Hard mode, the game also crashes. 3 Stars and no more. 1 sta More


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